Nutriveto Sacha Inchi Serum - Product Photography (Sepang, Selangor)

Monday, July 24, 2023 0 comments

 Part of my job as  a product photographer , I have the chance to witness budding entreprenuers with their new products and start-ups . From their humble experience and seeing their growth and progress is a motivation for me to stay on with this creative journey too.

Early this month , this client dropped by our newly launched home studio in Sepang to have his new product photo done. It's a Sacha Inchi Serum for Joints and Nerves .The product is shot on white background and it is important for us a s photographer to ensure the edges are well defined. Here's the photo we produced to be used in their online stores ( Instagram / tik tok ) and also social media.

Client : Nutriveto

Photography :


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